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Leather care

Each bag is made of the finest vegetable tanned leather, a natural material that shows its wear beautifully over time.
Colors naturally darken, especially if exposed to the sunlight.
It will not remain pristine and sleek: scratches and wrinkles will occur with daily wear due to the absence of synthetic top finish, we do not view these marks as defects.
We recommend avoiding contact with water since it creates spots.
Chemicals and alcohol-based products can damage the leather.
The patina created by daily use is meant to change and evolve over time.

How to take care of vegetable tanned leather.

This type of leather is extremely strong and resistant, with the right maintenance it will conserve its charm through the years.
We advise nourishing the surface, using natural creams or oils, such as bee wax.
The product has to be applied with a wool or cotton cloth and we recommend to try on a small hidden part beforehand.
Otherwise, you can take your bag to a trusted leather goods repair shop.

For more information contact us at hello@raroatelier.com