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The Brand

Raro is an atelier where bags are designed and developed with traditional artisan techniques, we uphold the rebirth of a centenary heritage as the framework of a modern classic.
A romantic soul that directly draws from the past to look at it with renewed eyes: a fresh take on tradition that aims to keep high quality and ancient techniques, combined with minimalist and modern designs, with thoughtful details conceived for everyday life.


Traditional high-end leather craft it's all about human wisdom and skills: the most important tools are the hands that, guided by an ancient knowledge, create wearable works of art.
It shows the power of simplicity and allows to appreciate the beauty in the small details, we believe in a slow and meticulous process where time is our ally in the pursuit of excellence. Each bag is entirely handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers.


We use only vegetable tanned leather, a warm and strong material that evolves over time.
This ancient tanning method is handed down by Tuscan artisan masters for centuries and is made using a blend of natural tannins and local water. The raw hides are soaked in the mixture for 40 days in large wooden barrels, the natural finish and the absence of synthetic coating allow leather’s distinctive features, such as veins and pores, to show through. The leather will gain a peculiar patina, growing darker and shiny with the use, it will age without spoiling.
A lifelong companion that changes over time, becoming witness to your experience.